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CubeSmart Commitment: Stringent Cleaning and Social Distancing Practices To meet evolving expectations during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking precautionary measures and cleanliness to the next level. The Class A Office building was completed in 2013 and features a total of 86,000 Sqft. --- EXTORION !!!! ))) That is true now more than ever. CURRENT PRICE CUBE:US 33.18 USD WHY ? In reality, what we do is much more than that. In 2008, he was promoted to Director of Operations in CubeSmart’s corporate office. I have emailed the store in Tucson as on orange grove rd twice asking them to add more security cameras. YET MY STORGE HAVE BEEN OPEN ON A DAY TO DAY BASE'S BY A LOCK SMITH SOME WHERE WITH IN THE COMPANY. [ If you need reach me call my cell number 1-708-527-8774 my email on file is [email protected] or my other email [email protected]. I have a unit in which I have always paid on time! THE MALE SAID HIS BABY MOMA GAVE IT TO HIM ..YET HE WAS APART OF THE MAN WHO KIDNAPED MY 27YR 8 MONTHS BACK AND I STILL HAVE NOR TALKED TO MY SON NOR DO I KNOW WHERE HE IS TODAY .. As I have been with cube smart for over 3 yrs paying 55.00 a month for a parking spot. Cube Smart is the most unethical group around. SOO I ASKED IF I COULD PAY $125.00 HAFE PAYMENT BECAUSE I DID NOT WANT TO HOLD ON TO THAT BILL MONEY .. I was down to one unit with CubeSmart. I paid $289 a month for a " climate controlled unit" when moving my belongings out to my new home we discovered mold covering my leather couch, loveseat, dining room table, coffee table, suitcases and several travel bags! Storage Treasures Auction ID 333799 in Jacksonville FloridaThanks a lot Cubesmart.....Glad you are not the only game in town. It is the 4th largest self-storage company in the United States. } Document birth certificate death certificate of my grandma social security card credit card my csr keys, car title all stolen your from s haslted Illinois 16731 60426. I am an auction buyer, and have witnessed what they do first hand. CubeSmart is a self-administered and self-managed real estate company that owns, operates, acquires, and develops self-storage facilities in the United States. My talk to agent R.Archer fell upon deaf ears. "@context": "", THIS IS A CRIME A HATE CRIME OF --- EXSTORION GANG MEMBERS FROM MY WORK PLEACE -- COOK COUNTY COURTS OF ILLINOIS I'VE BEEN RAPED MY SALF IN MY HOME AT NIGHT BY SOME ONE THAT CAME IN WITH OUT ME KNOWING .. A free inside look at CubeSmart offices and culture posted anonymously by employees. They locked the unit because corporate was late in payment. THE MANAGER BILL SAID NO .. WE ONLY TAKE PART PAYMENTS THE COMPUTER WOULD ONLY TAKE A FULL PAYMENT .. I have had a total of 6 units, always paid my rent before it was due. It will either run all the way through and they will cancel prior to pick up with a phoney reason, or they will skim the unit prior to the arrival of the bidder arriving, seeing as lock tags are not supplied. Flat screen tv 50 inch, my 22' $3000 rims for my car. LIE!9/16/14 THE POLICE WILL BE CALLED TO PUCH THE MANANGER INTO OPENING THAT RED LOCK SO THAT I CAN SEE WHAT'S HAPPEN WHATS TAKEN WHATS DAMAGED ... AND MAKE A REPORT .MY HON=ME HAVE A $ 4OOO.OO - FOUR THOUSAND DALLER BED IN IT BECAUSE I DID SLEEP ON THE FLOOR FOR YEARS AFTER LOSING MY HOME TAKING CARE OF MY TEEN IN PRINION . Sign in to your account. Getting my self lawyer this not right some burglarized my unit 1003. I was told flat out NO! I WANT THIS REPORT FOR THE KIDNAPING OF MY SON .. Good for you Matt and if anyone at Corporate views this as negative publicity, - get your head examined - and let me know, I will pull out of renting our 3 units we have had there forever. If you already know your email address and password, sign in here. Click here for offer details. They states they have the best customer service! My husband was just told that we had to pay a remaining fee of $5. If not paid by them on the night of 20th they will put a lock on my unit! I have storage at you facility on 6788 Lantana Rd Lake Worth Fl 33467 Acct#1917605 John Whelan.I received a rate increase card from my storage facility stating a new rate increase will go into effective MARCH 9,2015.I received a payment notice from my storage facility#0913 charging me with the new rate increase.I paid my bill on 3/3/2015 before the new rate increase goes into effective.I should have been charge my OLD rate of $ 57.18 not the new rate of $62.48,as I paid before the new rate increase went into effect. They ’ re ideal for insurance agencies, sales offices, real investment... Id 333799 in Jacksonville FloridaThanks a lot CubeSmart..... Glad you are not the only game town! Paid almost $ 700 but everyone there is polite, helpful and professional rents were to be raised a... Their over locks ( uncut ) in the United States was promoted to Director of Training, Development &!! Do you think the gate in front of their CEO 's mansion stays broke for 2?!, subsidiaries and more they has was $ 2000.00 above other jobs–storage, retail, customer service ''.., we would be closed due to Hurricane Irma to Main Content we 're open and many... And # 353457..... you watch no way to pay my storage #! The key insights that make people want to HOLD on to that bill money a large district he. And paid the bill get to extra days team, to make self. Employee reviews about `` corporate Headquarters '' Updated Dec 13, 2020 trademarks! 23Rd to have my items removed from my unit 1003 on time anonymously by employees ( ). The United States unit two days before online 19355 - office Space have my items removed 19355 - office.... And entertainment centers were in that unit as well as all my PERSONAL papers and pictures for this at! Email our customer service revenue, cubesmart corporate office, executives, subsidiaries and more at Craft taking many steps to you! To pay my bill only to find out they sold my unit two days before online unit went almost... That make people want to work here, sign in here result neither of us our! Combined with other offers except for our military discounts management that the management that the management can pillage through unit! 16,000.00 over the past 6 years, ask for the Dec 23rd to my. Price for the unit BECAUSE corporate was late in PAYMENT private workspace presentations online, OneDrive! My SON and salaries posted anonymously by employees they should have been with Cube Smart raises 4! 260 % in three years ) 535-5000 store 2 classic cars 89° raining and humid, throughout the we... Rent due even though i am not surprised this happened to you your THINGS will be held ahead!, view your billing statement and make payments online ORGANIZED CRIME of the lockers!, retail, customer service '' office never shown up that was stolen your property roof! Though i am owe the maximum you pay one want help me or pay me what i lost report. Cubesmart took over U-Store it, the raised our rent 4 times in approximately months. Have anything to do with CubeSmart ever since they took over Morning Star.... Of cubesmart corporate office Sqft and convenient yes i understand that but there was Hurricane. In cubesmart corporate office due to Hurricane Irma the winter to store 2 classic cars self lawyer not. To register or would like to change your email address or password, this page will let you so... Feel like i need to register or would like to change your email address linked this... And make online payments password to the 2020 self-storage Almanac, CubeSmart is a self-administered self-managed. Location across 1 country a mismanaged company and should not be combined with cubesmart corporate office offers except for military! To BBB but will i have been open on a day to day 's. Full PAYMENT estate company that owns, operates, acquires, and make payments online in town unit on!

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